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September 2003 Wine Ratings

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90 Errazuriz Syrah Max Reserva 2000, (976407, $20 approx., ON)

Shakes your hand more like and Aussie than a South American. Lots of blackberries, plums, spice, licorice and smoke on the nose with equal amounts of blackberries, vanilla and leather on the palate. Full bodied with a thick texture and firmish tannins on the finish. Drink over the next 5 to 7 years. Great Value. (ES)


92 Clos Bagatelle La Gloire de Mon Père 2000, Saint Chinian (912402, $36.75, PQ)

An amazing wine from the Languedoc laced with tons of fruit, vanilla, black pepper and spice. Left open for a full day, the wine improved. Full bodied with excellent length and enough tannins to take the enamel of your teeth at this point. From 2006 to 2018. A definite food wine. (ES)

89 Chateau Lynch-Moussas 2000, Pauillac (963256, $49.95, ON)

Let’s get this out of the way first-2000 Bordeaux is indeed a great vintage! Even the underachievers have turned in solid performances-take for example this wine. Dark ruby with a bouquet of crème de cassis, dark chocolate, vanilla, espresso grinds, mint and spice. Medium to full bodied with silky tannins and almost excellent length. From 2004 to 2014. (ES)



90 Kalliste 2001, Santorini (Whitehall Agencies, $20, ON)

Produced from grapes grown on the volcanic soils of Santorini, the wine tastes like something between a Riesling and a Chard. Rubber, minerals, vanilla, cream, light oxidative notes, fig and lots of citrus aromas are present on the nose. Nice concentration and persistency. Serve this up with “Greek style” grilled red snapper, topped with olive oil and lemon. (ES)


89 Boutari Naoussa Grande Reserve 1997, Naoussa (Whitehall Agencies, $15.95, ON)

Made from the indigenous Xynomavro grape, it resembles a well made Syrah. A bouquet of violets, smokey bacon fat, raspberry, cassis, earth and herbs winds its way up the glass. The mouth is dense with chocolate, cherry, and vanilla flavors appearing. Medium bodied with almost excellent length and a touch of heat. Should age well. (ES)


93 Allegrini Amarone 1998, Veneto (705780, $85, ON)

A great follow up to the exceptional 1997. The grapes for this wine were dried for 4 months prior to fermentation. It displays an opaque purple/black cherry colour with a nose of plums, vanilla, spice and blackberries. The wine is so richly extracted, you barely notice the 15% + alcohol. Almost

outstanding in length with lots of cherry and plum flavors in the mouth. From 2005 to 2018. (ES)

91 Argiano Brunello di Montalcino 1997, Tuscany (392076, $79, ON)

Lots of sweet cherry and cassis on the nose with humus, red flowers and some tar thrown in for good measure. The palate is full bodied with lots of ripe fruit flavors, with a long finish and lots of velvety tannins. (ES)



90 13th Street Wine Corp Chardonnay "Naked" Musque 2002, Niagara (winery, $20, ON)
Naked means no oak, no lees stirring, and no malolactic. However Naked dos not mean lack of flavor- au contraire! Medium to full bodied with a nose of peach, flowers, honey and cream. Excellent concentration and length, with just a hint of residual sugar on the finish. Drink over next 3 to 4 years. (ES)

89 13th Street Wine Corp Riesling Funk Vineyard 2002, Niagara (winery, $15, ON)
A youthful white gold colour displaying aromas of peach, lemon, lime and minerals. Slim in the mouth, yet lots of citrus, mineral, peach, apricot flavors join the party. Great price and refreshing. Now to 2009. (ES)

86 Henry of Pelham Sauvignon Blanc 2002, Niagara (430546, $14.95, ON)
Pale yellow colour with a nose of citrus/gooseberry, fresh grass and mild passion fruit. Light to medium bodied with a lemony palate, finishing on a tangerine note. Try with goat's cheese and mushroom stuffed pyhllo purses. (ES)

86 Henry of Pelham Off Dry Riesling 2002, Niagara (557165, $14.95, ON)
Pale, almost white gold in colour with aromas of citrus, light minerals and pear. The wine is light bodied with medium length and a very tangy finish, which balances the sweetness nicely. Now to 2007. (ES)

86 Willow Heights Riesling 2002, Niagara (winery, $10.95, ON)
Katharine has taken over the winemaking duties at WH. And in my esteem has turned out their best Riesling to date. Peach, citrus, floral and some honey tones are on the nose. The palate is extremely crisp, with nice weight and medium length. Drink over the next 3 to 4 years. (ES)

86 Strewn Gewurztraminer 2000, Niagara (winery, $17.95, ON)
A very explosive Alsatian nose of peach, flowers, tropical fruits, spice and honey- a la Zind Humbrecht. On the palate the wine turns slim, becoming light bodied with more of the spicy, honey flavors. Ready to drink. (ES)

86 Angels Gate Riesling Sussreserve 2002, Niagara (winery, $12. 95, ON)
Sussreserve is a technique, where by fresh grape juice is added to a dry wine, to help balance the acid. An interesting nose of fresh flowers, bubble gum, pear and citrus. The palate is all citrus with a soft finish and good length. Drink over the next 2 to 3 years. (ES)

85 Henry of Pelham Dry Riesling 2002, Niagara (268375, $10.95, ON)
A crisp, light bodied wine with citrus and minerals, both on the nose and on the taste buds. Ready to drink. (ES)


90 13th Street Wine Corp Meritage Sandstone 2001, Niagara (winery, $27 approx., ON)
13th Street, Ontario's foremost boutique winery continues to churn out impressive reds. Full bodied with a bouquet of mocha, herbs, cherry, vanilla, and black fruits and a lingering finish. Tasted from barrel, the wine is still an infant will put on more weight in the bottle. Requires a year in the cellar, before drinking over a decade. (ES)

88 Pillitteri Family Reserve Gamy Noir 2001, Niagara (winery, $22.95, ON)
Pillitteri has been lucky enough to source grapes from the same cuttings, that produce 13th Street's famous Gamay. This wine displays some of the same characteristics; namely plums, cherry, barnyard, vanilla and charred aromas. Medium bodied with very good length. Made from 5 year old vines and harvested at 1.5 tons/acre. A wine to watch for as the vineyards mature. (ES)

88 13th Street Wine Corp Gamay Noir 2001, Niagara (winery, $20, ON)
Tasted just before bottling. Medium ruby colour, with a nose of smoke, raspberry, strawberry, vanilla and black fruits. Very good length with lots of raspberry and strawberry on the mid palate. A year in the bottle will bring forth the classic barnyard quality, inherent to this wine. Drink from 2004 to 2009. (ES)

87 Willow Heights Meritage 2001, Niagara (winery, $18.95, ON)
Lots of smoky, chocolate, cherry and herbs greet you when smelling the wine. The palate opens up and delivers raspberry, cherry and vanilla flavors. Medium bodied with solid length and a moderately tannic finish. Drink over the next 5 years. (ES)



Wine Facts

The lip of a red wine glass is sloped inward to capture the aromas of the wine and deliver them to your nose.