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Wine Cellars
Evaluation and Pricing
Purchasing Strategies
Customization to Preference

Freelance for Wine Magazines, Newspapers and Corporations
(Marketing Materials)

Hospitality Industry
Creation and Implementation of Wine, Beer and Spirit Lists



Product Knowledgewine2
Sales and Service Techniques
Food and Wine Pairing
Smart Serve 


Single Malt Scotch

Topic of your choice

Each seminar will include information about production techniques, history, types and styles and a tasting of a minimum of 6 products.

Guest Speakingwine

Looking to add a little spice to your next corporate or social event- why not Wine! Wine Savvy will custom tailor an event to your preference and budget.

Here are some options:

Wines of Ontario
Australian Shiraz
How to taste wine
The ABC's of Wine
Food and Wine pairing
How to select and choose from a wine menu



Wine Facts

The lip of a red wine glass is sloped inward to capture the aromas of the wine and deliver them to your nose.