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Here are some recent artcles and news information regarding Wine Savvy Consulting. 

Down the Douro
by Evan Saviolidis

Gruner on the Other Side
by Evan Saviolidis

Jura-ssic Wine
by Evan Saviolidis

The White Side of Burgundy 
by Evan Saviolidis

Is Ontario Beaune-ified
Comparing the Terroirs of Ontario to Burgundy
by Evan Saviolidis

Eating Chicago
Eating in The Windy City
by Evan Saviolidis

German Pinot and Erste Lage
What's Fashionable in Germany - The Pinot Family and Grand Cru
by Evan Saviolidis

Napa and Sonoma
by Evan Saviolidis

Greece Rising Up!
What was once the past is now the Future
by Evan Saviolidis

Declaring the 2007 Vintage Portspaper_airplane
by Evan Saviolidis

Chile's Heating Up
by Evan Saviolidis

Flying High Over 2005 Bordeaux
by Evan Saviolidis

Alto Sight
by Evan Saviolidis

The Saintly Garage Cult of the Côte

"Learn to appreciate a good aroma"
This article from the Niagara Falls Review was printed on August 12, 2002.
Writen by Cindy Upshall

"Debugging the Myth"
2001 Vintage and the Ladybug Issue
By now, most readers have heard about the ladybug issue with Ontario wines. For those who haven't let us recap.


Wine Facts

To prevent a sparkling wine from foaming out of the glass, pour an ounce, which will settle quickly. Pouring the remainder of the serving into this starter will not foam as much.