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Wine Reviews

Throughout the year WineSavvy Consultants will be rating wines and posting their results monthly on this page.

Come back each month and have a look at what we have come up with, and click the button to the right to see previous months of tastings and reviews.

July 2005 Wine Ratings

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90 Lakeview Cellars Vidal Icewine 2003, Niagara ($19.95/ 200ml)
Winemaker Tom Green has quietly emerged from Ontario winemaking icon Eddie Gurinskas' shadow, and is now making quality wines right across the board for both Lakeview and Birchwood. Deep yellow colour with a nose of honey, apricot and apple juice. Excellent length. (ES)

90 Fielding Estate Riesling Reserve 2004, Niagara ($19.95)
Made from 27 year old vines, this is a serious wine with serious structure that requires bottle aging. Even though there is 38g/l of residual sugar, the bright acid shines through, giving the impression of an off dry wine. Flavours of mineral, lime zest and peach. From 2008 to 2020. (ES)

89 Fielding Estate Riesling Semi Dry 2004, Niagara ($12.95)
Opened in May of this year, Fielding has positioned itself as a serious producer of quality wines in Ontario. This wine, the gold medal winner at the Ontario Wine Awards demonstrates this fact. Medium bodied with lime, grapefruit, earl grey tea and minerals. Excellent length with lots of lift in the mouth. Oh, by the way-one hell of a great price to boot! Buy it by the case. Now to 2012. (ES)

89 Fielding Estate Chardonnay Musqué 2004, Niagara ($13.45)
Another Gold medal at the Ontario Wine Awards, and for under $15, this is a no brainer purchase. Peach, flowers, bubble gum and spice are all present. Nice density on the palate with a lengthy finish. Drink over the next 2 years to take advantage of the flattering aromatics. (ES)

89 Tawse Vineyard Robyn's Block Chardonnay Reserve 2002, Niagara ($48)
Tawse may be a new winery in Beamsville but winemaker Deborah Paskus has lots of experience when it comes to making superb Chardonnay. Those who have tried her great Temkin-Paskus Chardonnays of the 90s can attest to this fact. Medium yellow colour with a bouquet of caramel, dried apricot, orange peel, flowers and pineapple. The palate launches in with honey and clove, with a lengthy finish. Now to 2009. (ES)

89 Tawse Vineyard Rieling 2003, Niagara ($22)
Almost 30 year old vines were used to make this wine. White gold with a distinctively Mosel nose of mineral, lime, peach and hints of petrol. Off dry with lots of citrus on the tongue. Nice balance and almost excellent length. Now to 2014.

88 Vineland Estates Semi Dry Riesling 2003, Niagara ($11.95)
I have had this wine four times in the past two months and it keeps improving each time. It represents a huge value and is a mandatory case purchase. Light and elegant, with lots of bergamot, lime, citrus and mineral flavours. Longevity is not a problem, so drink until to 2013. (ES)

87 Angel's Gate Riesling Sussreserve 2004, Niagara ($12.95)
The 04 vintage is turning out to be a fabulous one for the Riesling grape. The long cool autumn has given extra depth and complexity to the wines. This is a real charmer with a nose of peach, lime, powdered candy and minerals. The acid and sweetness work in unison, carrying the length. Now to 2011. (ES)

87 13th Street Winery Corp Chardonnay 2003, Niagara ($20)
As I have said before, 13th Street has one of the most honourable pricing policies in the business. Depending on the vintage and wine, they will adjust prices, to reflect the quality. For example, this wine has decreased in price since the last vintage, but it is still a solid value. Caramel, peach, citrus and honey with very good length. Drink over the next two years. (ES)

85 Fielding Estate Chardonnay 2004, Niagara ($12.95)
An unoaked Chard with a pale water colour. Light to medium bodied with a bouquet of musk melon, honey and green apple. Medium finish. Drink now. (ES)

88 Maleta VIEW Estate Winery Gamay 2002, Niagara ($24)
This wine garnered a silver medal at this year's Ontario Wine Awards, coming within a hair of winning the gold medal. An aromatic nose of raspberry and strawberry jam, blueberries, plum, black pepper and pain grille. Very good length, nice density and fresh acid. Drink over the next 3 years. (ES)

88 Willow Heights Meritage Tresette 2002, Niagara ($29.95)
The 02 Tresette is a smoky, black fruit, spicy, vanilla offering with a slight vegetal undertone. Medium bodied and rich, it displays a lengthy finish and ripe tannins. (ES)

88 13th Street Wine Corp Red N/V, (18)
Due to the serious short crop caused by the harsh winter of 03, 13th Street blended their Bordeaux grapes from the Funk vineyard with premium Zinfandel and Syrah juice from California. This is a hearty wine that should be stashed away until this winter and then consumed with hearty fair, such as roasts or stews. Plums, blackberries and raspberry are on the nose while the mouth is jammy with much of the same fruit appearing. There is serious grip but drink it over the next two years to take advantage of the fruit. (ES)

88 13 Street Wine Corp Merlot Rose 2003, Niagara ($16)
This is definitely one of the two best roses (the other is Malivoire's) in Ontario. The wine is wall to wall strawberries and raspberries with a creamy/ milky texture. Serve it up this Thanksgiving, with the traditional "gobble" fare. (ES


May 2005 Wine Ratings

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91 Inniskillin Vidal Icewine 2003, Niagara ($54.95)
A shinning yellow colour paves the way to a bouquet of honey, peaches, citrus fruit and a touch of hickory. It is full bodied with excellent concentration and length. The finish reverberates with the taste of lychee nut, while fresh acid diminishes any heaviness. (ES)

89 Stratus White 2002, Niagara ($36)
Stratus White, like the Red, is a blend of numerous grapes, but the proportions are of course a secret, à la DiVinci Code. To my taste, it is the Gewurz component which dominates on the nose. Superb aromatics of honey, peach, spice, lanolin and bubble gum are present. It is dry with a dense mid palate of spice and caramel and a touch of heat on the finish. Drink over the next 3 years. (ES)

88 Chateau des Charmes St Davids Bench Sauvignon Blanc 2004, Niagara ($14.95)
Gold medal winner for best Sauvignon Blanc at this year's Ontario Wine Awards. Pale yellow with a nose of citrus, fresh cut grass, mineral, passion fruit and a touch of honey. Medium bodied with a citrus and mineral laden finish. Refreshing and ideal for those lazy hazy summer patio days. (ES)

88 Vineland Estates Dry Riesling 2004, Niagara ($10.95)
Winemaker Brian Schmidt feels that the 2004 Rieslings are his best ever. I would have to agree! The wine is still very young, so give it 6 months in the bottle. Delicate with aromas of bergamot (think Earl Grey tea), peach jam, lime and minerals. Length is very good with bergamot, citrus, peach and minerals resonating in the mouth. Having tasted all of Vineland Rieslings since 1989, I can definitely say that this wine will age for 8 years at least. (ES)


91 Stratus Red 2001, Niagara ($38)
The 01 Stratus is a blend of 7 grapes, including such notables as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Gamay. It is a beguiling combination of smoke, pain grille, blackberries, plums, and vanilla. Open knit with a soft mouthfeel, the wine is beautifully concentrated on the palate with excellent length. Offers so much right now that there is no need to cellar, but the wine has the stuffing to age. Drink until 2011. (ES)

89 Stratus Red 2002, Niagara ($38)
More linear than the 01, displaying black fruit, Indian spice, bell pepper and smoke. The palate is rich with very good length and firm tannins. Now to 2012. (ES)

88 Creekside Estate Signature Merlot 2001, Niagara ($29.95)
Introduces itself with smoke, chocolate covered coffee bean, cherries and plums. The palate jumps in with chocolate, smoke, plums and spice. It has very good length, fresh acid and enough tannin to take it 4 years. Now to 2009. (ES)

88 Chateau des Charmes Cabernet Merlot 2001, Niagara ($19.95)
The 01 takes over for the 99, which I also rated 88 points. Built on a medium bodied frame, it delivers blackberries, vanilla, plums, raspberry, spice, violets and green notes on the nose. Very good length , a dark chocolate finish and a tannic bite. Drink over the next 5 years and. It is well worth the price. (ES)

87 Creekside Estate Laura's Blend Meritage 2001, Niagara ($17.95)
A good dose of oak reveals itself in the form of smoke and chocolate, while raspberry, violets and plums add to the mix. Medium bodied and elegant, with spice, raspberry, cherries and flowers on the taste buds. Supple tannins. Drink over the next 3 years. (ES)

86 Chateau des Charmes St Davids Bench Gamay Noir Droit 2003, Niagara ($15.95)
"Droit", a clone of Gamay which Paul Bosc Sr. discovered in the early 80s produces wines with more power than your typical Beaujolais. Deep ruby in colour, it blossoms with a bouquet of strawberry, raspberry, black pepper, plums and roasted herbs. Dry with medium length and supple tannins. Pair with grilled herb and red wine marinated quail. (ES)

86 Creekside Estate Cabernets 2002, Niagara ($11.95)
This is one of those under $12 best buys. Pale to medium ruby, it has a nose of chocolate, green tobacco, tandori spice and plums. Light to medium body with raspberry and smoke on the palate. Gains marks for the nose. Drink over the next 2 years. (ES)




88 Domaine Gerovassiliou White, Epanomi ($20.70)
This wine, made from a blend of Assyrtiko and Malagousia exemplifies the fruit forward, food friendly style of Greek white wines. It offers a nose of pink grapefruit, pear, celery and flowers. Ideal with grilled whole fish, drizzled with olive oil and topped with fresh oregano. Otherwise try with kalamari and grilled zucchini topped with tzatziki. (ES)


89 Ianos Oenoforos 2000, Naoussa ($28, Dinos Vinos)
Ianos, a blend of Xinomavro and Cab Sauv clearly demonstrates the renaissance of Greek wines. Full bodied, it is a cherry, black fruit, earthy, leather and chocolate laced wine. Excellent length with ever present tannins which will allow it to age for a decade. A great wine for the Greek stew Taskabob or Moussaka. (ES)

87 Ampelou Gis Tsolis Winery 1999, Messinia ($15 approx)
A perfect example of the E.U. at work-Tempranillo, the Spanish grape and Cabernet Sauvignon, the French grape are grown in Greek soil to produce this wine. It offers an interesting nose of leather, black olives, spice, plums and blackberries. Medium bodied with very good length, the wine offers great value at this price. Buy it by the case as it has the stuffing to age a few years and is a great value at this price. (ES)

86 Rapsani Reserve Tsantali 2000, Rapsani ($15.95, Dinos Vinos)
Plums, overripe fruit, leather and spice reveal themselves in this well priced Greek wine. It is medium bodied with a smooth finish and will be wonderful with roast lamb. (ES)

New Zealand

92 Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2004, Marlborough ($33.95)
Yup, Cloudy Bay does it again. The 04 is an intensely aromatic wine with nectarine, citrus, peach, honey and vegetal aromas. The mouth is rich and intense with flavours emulating those on the nose. Full bodied, great length and refreshing. (ES)



March 2005 Wine Ratings

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93 Stratus Chardonnay 2002, Niagara ($55)
Stratus, Ontario's newest high end winery has delivered the goods with its first vintage. This is world class caliber Chardonnay with melon, honey, apple and vanilla on the nose. The palate is dense with a wonderful mid palate and a long finish, endowed with caramel, citrus and honey. It is not cheap, but then again the same can be said of 1re Cru Burgundy. Drink over the next 5 years. (ES)

88 Niagara Training College Chardonnay Warren Classic 2003, Niagara ($27.95)
Of the two Chardonnay's produced by NTC, this is my favorite. The wine displays caramel, nuts, buttered popcorn and hints of tropical fruit on the nose. The palate delivers pineapple, citrus and nuts with very good length. Drink now. (ES)

87 Chateau des Charmes Riesling Estate 2003, Niagara ($15.95)
This is the inaugural vintage of this wine, as CDC has decided to enter the higher end Riesling market. Mineral and lime all the way with a touch of powdered candy on the finish. Drink over the next 2 years. (ES)

87 Chateau des Charmes Sec NV, Niagara ($16.95)
Here is a buy for those whole like a mature side to their sparklers. Three years on the lees (yeast cells) has produced a yeasty/caramel nose, while the palate displays much of the same, with a crisp green apple flavour thrown in for good measure. (ES)

87 Creekside Sauvignon Blanc 2002, Niagara ($15.95)
Young and crisp with a nose of gooseberry, fresh figs, citrus, mineral and grass. Nectarine flavours appear in the mouth. Try with asparagus and goat cheese wrapped in prosciutto

85 Pelee Island Pinot Blanc 2003, ($11.95).
Pelee's first shot with Pinot Blanc. Moderately aromatic with melon and citrus on the nose. Light and crisp with a touch of heat on the finish. Drink now with fresh water fish in a lemon sauce. (ES)


91 Stratus Cabernet Franc 2002, Niagara ($32)
Of all of Stratus' reds, my preference right now is for their Cabernet Franc, as it is the most open and complete. Aromatic, with a superb nose of cassis, bell pepper, red currant, smoke, chocolate and pain grille. Balanced, elegant, well integrated tannins and a long finish. Now to 2013. (ES)

90 Stratus Merlot 2002, Niagara ($55)
I feel like I am doing an advertisement for Stratus in this issue, but I can't impress upon you enough the quality of these wines. Backwards, the Merlot was still somewhat compressed when tasted. Like all of Stratus' wines, it was aged 24 months in new French barrels. An ensemble of plum, vanilla, chocolate and pain grille with solid tannins on the finish. Hold for a year and drink until 2015. (ES)

89 Pillitteri Cabernet Sauvignon Family Reserve 2002, Niagara ($50)
A firmly tannic wine with pain grille, blackberries, cured olives and plum on the nose. The palate shows green tobacco, spice, vanilla and blackberries. Still young, so hold until 2006 and drink until 2014. (ES)

88 Henry of Pelham Cabernet Merlot Unfiltered 2002, Niagara ($29.95)
If I were too use one word to describe the quality of Henry's wines, it would be "consistency". Year in, year out the quality is solid. This coupled with the great 02 vintage, has produced reds which are money in the bank. The wine possesses a deep cherry colour with a nose of green tobacco, smoke, cassis, cherries and chocolate. The palate echoes vanilla and spice on the finish. Great length with some serious tannins. Hold until 2006 and drink until 2013. (ES)

88 Creekside Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2001 Reserve, Niagara ($29.95)
Creekside has leaped back into the spotlight after a few years in the doldrums- this, the winner of the best Cabernet Sauvignon at this year's Cuvee demonstrates why. Blackberry, tobacco, spice and cassis aromas work in tandem with the smoke, cherry and blackberry on the palate. Medium plus bodied, with a ripe mid palate and a lengthy finish. Now to 2009. (ES)

88 Creekside Estate Pinot Noir Reserve 2001, Niagara ($24.95)
Another winner for Creekside at this year's Cuvee, this time for best Pinot Noir. Medium cherry colour with a touch of evolution on the rim. Cherries, vanilla, black fruit and earth are both on the nose and the ripe palate. Nice length, drink now. (ES)

87 Niagara Training College Meritage 2003, Niagara ($21.95)
This vintage of Meritage contains 75% Cabernet Franc, as the vintage was conducive to growing this grape. Tell tale aromas of tobacco, herbs, cherries and cassis. In the mouth there is smoke, vanilla, cassis and red currant that are built on a medium bodied frame and a soft finish. Now to 2007. (ES)



January 2005 Wine Ratings

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94 Solaia 2001, Tuscany IGT ($145)
The 01 Solaia at the time of tasting displayed a multi dimensional, ever changing bouquet of smoke, cassis, blackberries, cherries, tobacco, violets, earth and vanilla. Full bodied with a long finish. Still young and rather tannic, it requires 4 years of aging before being broached. A good long term cellar candidate; until 2020. (ES)



91 Maleta Vidal Icewine 2001, Niagara ($24.95/200ml)
Aged 1 month in both new French and American barrels. Full bodied with peach, honey, spice and a touch of caramel. Concentrated, the palate starts thick and sweet but balance arrives in the form fresh acid. Drink over the next 3 years. (ES)

90 Pillitteri Vidal Icewine 2003, Niagara ($35/375ml)
Peach, honey and floral aromas come forth on the nose. On the taste buds, the wine is intense with loads of peach and apricot which leads into a refreshing finish.

89 Reif Riesling Icewine 2002, Niagara ($26.95/200ml)
A fruit forward, low acid Icewine with a bouquet of peach, honey, apricot and spice. The finish is lengthy and echoes apples. Drink now. (ES)

89 Lakeview Riesling Icewine 2003, Niagara ($49.95/375ml)
Apricot, flowers, apple juice and caramel are all present in this medium bodied Icewine. The palate emulates the nose, with very good length. (ES)

89 Marynissen Chardonnay French Oak 2002, Niagara ($18.95)
Of all of the 02 Chardonnay's released by Marynissen, I have a marginal preference for the French Oak version which displays a powerful nose of caramel, buttered popcorn, spice, figs and tropical fruit scents. Full bodied, the palate has a creamy, soft texture with a dab of acid and a dash of sweetness, which provides more weight. Drink over the next 3 years. (ES)

88 Marynissen Chardonnay Canton Oak 2002, Niagara ($16)
A sweet vanilla, fig, pear and toasty bouquet say hello in the glass. Medium bodied with serious ripeness, thanks to the heat wave in 02. Very good length with mild acid. Drink now to 2008. (ES)

87 Angel's Gate Old Vines Chardonnay 2003, Niagara ($23.95)
Vanilla infused crème brulée, spice, wax and green apple work there way frontward and backwards on the nose and palate. Medium bodied and crisp. Drink over the next 2 years. (ES)


90 Marynissen Merlot 2002, Niagara ($18.95)
Tasting at family wineries is a small joy to me as the owners do much of the work and are never off the clock. Example, my most recent tasting with Glen Muir (Sandra Marynissen's husband and one of the business' most down to earth guys), who on a minus degree day was in the middle of filtering and bottling in a winter coat when I came a knocking. Needless to say he was darn proud to show of his lineup of 02 wines, which are all superb. Medium to full bodied the wines are on par if not better than the 01's. Plum, chocolate, coffee, spice and black cherry are present in the dense yet elegant mouthful of a wine. Now to 2015 and a real steal at this price. (ES)

89 Marynissen Cabernet Franc 2002, Niagara ($18.95)
An opaque purple/ruby colour with a nose of raspberry, coffee, roasted herbs, maple and spice. The palate is a touch light right now but more weight should appear with bottle age The lengthy finish echoes spice and earthiness. Now to 2013. (ES)

87 Inniskillin Meritage Reserve 2002, Niagara ($16.95)
A young wine which a dark cherry colour with a ruby rim. The wine displays aromas of plum, cherries, herbs, mint, earth and vanilla. Ripe in the mouth with cherry, cassis vanilla and chocolate flavours. Very good length. Now to 2008. (ES)

87 Angel's Gate Merlot Single Vineyard 2002, Niagara ($26)
Angel's Merlot is medium bodied with a medium to deep ruby colour and aromas of chocolate, plums, spice, vanilla and bell pepper tones. Tannins are supple. Now to 2008. (ES)

86 Thomas and Vaughn Cabernet Franc 2002, Niagara ($14.95)
A light to medium bodied wine that smartly uses oak to add chocolate to the raspberry, cassis and tobacco components. Medium length and to be consumed over the next 2 years. Try with pasta in a tomato sauce with chunky vegetables. (ES)

85 Thomas and Vaughn Marechal Foch 2002, Ontario ($14.95)
A black core with a deep ruby rim. Displays a bouquet of smoke, chocolate, spice and black/red fruits. The mouthfeel is soft with a floral element thrown in for good measure. Now to 2006. (ES)


86 Dopff au Moulin Riesling 2003, Alsace ($14.45)
A drink now Riesling or hold for the next couple of years. Minerals, petrol, white flowers and a touch of peach are present in this light bodied wine. An ideal foil for shellfish. (ES)




December 2004 Wine Ratings

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94 D'Arenberg Dead Arm Shiraz 2002, McLaren Vale ($49.95)

Is it possible that there is such a thing as a bad bottle of Dead Arm? Although, not as massive as last year's gargantuan offering, the 02 is still full bodied, crammed to the hilt with plums, kirsch, vanilla, spice, smoke blackberries and menthol notes. Rich with excellent length and a long life ahead. Now to 2020. (ES)



90 Chateau des Charmes Riesling TBA Paul Bosc Vineyard 2001, Niagara ($29.95)
CDC always makes one of Ontario's top Late Harvest wines and in 01 climatic conditions conspired to produce a rare noble rot version. Medium bodied with apricot, wax, petrol, lime zest, honey and spice. The mouth is a lovely balance between sweetness and acidity, with a baked apple finish. Now to 2011. (ES)

88 Pillitteri Chardonnay Barrel Fermented 2002, Niagara ($18)
Thanks to 9 months barrel aging in new french oak, this is a toasty, caramel, pear, fig, cedar and vanilla Chardonnay built on a medium bodied frame. Very good length with a milky texture and fresh acid combining on the palate. Hint of nuttiness on the end. Drink over the next 4 years.


91 Unity Wine Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot 2002, Canada ($29.95)
The 02 Unity picks up the ball and adds serious yardage from where the inaugural 01 left off. Still closed, the wine is full bodied with milk chocolate, blackberries, mint, dark cherries and earth. Dense and concentrated with excellent length. From 2006 to 2015. (ES)

90 Jackson Triggs Meritage Grand reserve 2002, Niagara ($23.95)
Cassis, herbs, mint, raspberry, chocolate and spice come together as one in this somewhat closed wine. Tight and puckery right now it could stand to age a year or two in the bottle and be consumed until 2014. (ES)

88 Magnotta Meritage 2002, Niagara ($19.95)
The 02 is a worthy successor to the 01, which also received 88 points. A deep ruby colour and a nose of blackberry, raspberry, smoke, chocolate and dried herb notes. The palate adds vanilla, cherry and plums. Medium bodied with firm tannins and a lengthy finish. (ES)

87 Pillitteri Cabernet Sauvignon 2002, Niagara ($18)
This C.S. leans more towards the herbaceous nature of the grape, but with time this will fade away, allowing more of the fruit character to emerge. Bell pepper, raspberry, spice and cassis. A tad bitter now, so hold off until 2006 and drink until 2010. (ES)

New Zealand

91 Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc 2004, Marlborough ($19.95)
Awesome Sauv Blanc, with intense passion fruit, tomato vine, green peaches, asparagus, gooseberry and ammonia aromas. Full bodied, glycerin, long finish and mouth watering acidity. A serious step up from last year's offering and a must buy for SB lovers. (ES)



92 Chateau Guiraud 2001, Sauternes ($52/375ml)
The young 01 Guiraud is displays honey, wax, apricot, spice and caramel both on the nose and on the taste buds. Still needs a year or two to before it starts to shine. From 2006 until 2020. (ES)

88 Hugel Gewurtraminer 2002, Alsace ($19.95)
A shinning glassful of honey, grapefruit, cold cream, spice, flowers and a touch of pineapple. Medium bodied with sound acid and more spice on the palate. Drink up. (ES)


87 Chateau du Tertre 2001, Margaux ($49)
A well made Bordeaux with cherries, smoke, green tobacco, spice and cedar on the nose. Medium bodied with supple tannins and raspberry/tobacco on the finish. Drink over the next 5 years. (ES)


94 Egon Muller Riesling Scharzhofberger Spatlese 2003, Mosel Saar Ruwer (NYA)
Fabulous wine, but totally atypical for its appellation. Usually Saar wines are the epitome of austerity, but thanks the insane heat wave which hit Europe in 03, this wine comes across as an Alsatian version. Ripe with peach, citrus, honey, pine nettles flavours and almost outstanding length and some sweetness. A Long life ahead. (ES)


92 Siepi Castello di Fonterutoli 2001, Tuscany IGT ($99)
A splendid offering from of Tuscany's great producers. Black/purple with blackberry, plum, spice and chocolate aromas. Black cherry, earth and chocolate swing in on the palate. Long finish with loads of silky tannins. Drink over the next 10 years.(ES)

90 Nemo Vigneto Il Mulino Monsanto 1999, Tuscany IGT ($68.50)
After spending $35 on the 97 it is kind to hard to pay double for a wine which albeit is excellent, is still not as good as the offering from the fabled vintage. Cassis, blackberries, wood smoke, green tobacco, vanilla and leather are found in this medium to full bodied wine. Now to 2012. (ES)


90 Torres Cabernet Sauvignon Mas La Plana 1998, Penedès ($41.50)
Mint, chocolate, cherries, mushrooms, vanilla and leather are built on a frame of sweet berry fruit. Firm tannins and solid length. Now to 2014.



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